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8 Magical Easter Traditions in the World

Egg decoration and egg hunting are highly respected in North America. The children believe that the eggs are laid and hidden by the Easter bunny, but the adults strive to plant the night so that the bunny in their garden is more than the neighbor.

In the Netherlands, the Easter bonfire in Paasvuur is lit on Easter morning as the sun rises.

In Sweden, young children are dressed as witches and, like Americans on Halloween, go from house to house for sweets. Instead of jokes and jokes, they give decorated bouquets. On Saturdays, Swedes gather at the smörgsbord buffet, feasting on herring, salmon, eggs, and potatoes.

In Finland, believers make dessert from water, malt and rye flour mämmi.

Belgian legend has it that all the bells go to Rome on a quiet Saturday (Stille Zaterdag), which is why the bells are not heard that day. Along with the sound of the bells, Easter, eggs and bunnies come on Sunday.

In Romania, burning candles are lit in rivers shortly before midnight on the night from Saturday to Sunday, or on the night of Christ's resurrection. People dressed in folk costumes gather at churches. At midnight, it is called "Christ is risen!" In honor of this event, fireplaces are lit at churches and at the top of the hill in honor of it.

In Africa, churches at Easter are decorated with woven and canvas fabrics, from which butterflies, flowers, banana trees, and other motifs typical of African fauna and flora are created.

In the Carpathians, painted eggs are rolled over the meadow at Easter. Try to beat your opponent's egg with your painted egg. Broken eggs leave the game. Easter egg shells are thrown into the stream so that the ducks and geese have a lot of ducklings and goslings.

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