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A good wish bowl - What what to wish for the newlyweds?

Not only are material values and great gifts important, but also nice words that will warm your heart!

To make a Good Wishes dish, you will need a pretty, decorated glass jar, sheets of paper, and ribbons to roll up your good words, which will wait their turn in the jar when they are read.

When all the wedding guests have put their good words in a bowl, hand it over to the newlyweds. To make the process more interesting, you can come up with a special date (s) on which they can fulfill their wishes!

What what to wish for the newlyweds?

Here are some examples to wish for the newlyweds:

  • Beloved, (names of newlyweds). We want your family life to always be filled with joy, warmth and confidence.

  • Now you are close and dear people, take care of each other, understand, try to experience all the happy moments and moments of failure together. I wish your marriage to be trustworthy and endless, so that the laughter of children in your home will soon be heard, and there will always be prosperity and comfort in your family.

  • Congratulations, young people! Let this day mark the beginning of a happy family life in which there will be no strife and resentment, and in which there will always be harmony and understanding. I sincerely wish you strong and faithful love and, of course, health, and you will surely achieve everything you want, important and precious in your life.

  • Congratulations! Today, your relationship has moved to another level, and you have become a family. Let everything in your life go smoothly, smoothly and happily. Let love, understanding, and prosperity not leave your home. I wish you to add to your family and a lot of good emotions as soon as possible.

  • You may want a lot, but now we will limit ourselves to the most important things: health for you, love, and prosperity. And also an understanding of everything and always the ability to support each other in any situation. Dear Newlyweds! A new life begins for you today, so let it be long, bright, and happy!

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