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Bachelorette Party Ideas - Step By Step

Updated: Feb 3, 2022

The bridesmaid party is important and integral to the life of every bride. I want to celebrate the preparation for the wedding with my closest friends. If the organization of a hen party is entrusted to the best friends, then the exchange of ideas and hard preparation can only begin!

It is worth thinking about all the possible details to make this time as peaceful and organized as possible for both the bride and the party organizers.

What to consider before organizing a bachelorette party?

Before you start organizing and planning a party, remember that it is one of the special days in the bride's life. She will always remember her hen party, so it is important to make sure that every detail is her dignity. Take the following things:

Organizing a bachelorette party step by step

The bachelorette party as an event is based on bachelor parties. They became more popular in the 20th century. at the end of a significant change in women's rights. Maiden parties tend to be dizzying, with crazy tasks, but also completely calm and lazy. How to organize?

Find out the bride's thoughts.

For the most part, the bride's best friend, sister, or mother-in-law takes on the main role of organizer, but that doesn't mean she has to do all the work alone.

If this is not the first hen party you are organizing, ask the expectant woman a few questions anyway! This will help you understand what style of event to hold, because everything has to suit your girlfriend's wishes, hobbies, and character.

1.When should you throw a party?

Weddings take a long time. Even as the big day approaches, there is usually still a lot of work to be done, so a bridesmaid party should be scheduled at a time convenient for the bride. At the beginning, agree on several dates that are convenient for her, and choose one of them with the other girls!

2.Who will attend the party?

Let the bride choose which people she wants to spend the day with. It is necessary to know the number of people in time to agree on the date, the cost, and what the tasks and activities of the hen party will be.

3.What does a bride want and not want to do that day?

Before you start discussing possible activities and the course of the day, talk to the bride and find out her wishes. Maybe she wants the tasks at the hen party to be a bit extreme, like a go-kart ride or a laser paintball game. Maybe, on the contrary, she prefers a peaceful day with a picnic in nature and a feminine photo session.

The bridesmaid party is about and around your girlfriend, so consider her views!

Get to know each other.

It is possible that the event will be attended by girls who have not known each other so far. The hen party will be more fun and enjoyable if you meet everyone at least a couple of times during the organization. If this is not possible due to occupancy or you do not live in the same city, hold a Zoom conference and create a chat or Facebook event to discuss ideas.

What to discuss during the meeting?

Do not do without regular communication. For the first time, discuss issues such as:

  • date and place of the event;

  • budget;

  • possible tasks for the hen party;

  • mobility on the day of the event;

  • dressing style and accessories;

  • decorations;

  • snacks and drinks, etc.

Sign up for any ideas so you don't forget and can discuss them later. Also think about options B, if that doesn't work!

Everything, including the tiniest things, is vital at a hen party. Everything must be well-planned and organized, so pay close attention to the details when organizing:

  • places you'll go to Look for activities that fit your mood and book ahead of time, especially during the summer.

  • snacks and beverages What would be the finest dish for a prospective bride to eat? What's her favorite drink? Everything must be kept on the snack table. Take your meals with you in the morning so you can enjoy a snack;

  • Decorate. If the hen party's finale is to be held indoors, consider appropriate décor in similar colors.

  • Depending on the theme, the wishes of the bride and the number of girls, you will need transportation. You can take a limousine from one point to another, take the bride by motorcycle in the morning, and take a taxi yourself;

  • Dress style. Uniforms will look better in photos.It's also crucial that the party's ringleader stands out from the crowd, so you can get her a flower wreath, a crown, or even a veil.

The hen party's tasks and activities

A successful hen party entails more than just beautiful costumes and decorations. The tasks of the hen party and various activities throughout the day also contribute to half of the victory.

Depending on the bride's wishes and interests, you can:

  • Before a peaceful marriage begins, go to a bar or club in the evening to dance.

  • A good opportunity to save a little is for the bride to choose a SPA treatment or massage, while the rest enjoy their time in the baths and pools of the SPA center. After the massage, the bride will join her friends in the pool and everyone will be able to continue to relax and invite a toast to the bride at the pool bar!

  • Attend a concert or a summer festival;

  • To capture a beautiful photo session with a professional photographer

  • To go on a yacht or boat trip. If the hen party is not celebrated with several dozen girlfriends, then a yacht will be suitable for a smaller group. A trip on a yacht will be an elegant adventure in the open air where you can feel the wind in your hair, sip glasses of champagne, and take beautiful photos.

  • To attend make-up or confectionery master classes to learn something new. Makeup is essential for all women, especially on their wedding day. Both the bride and her bridesmaids should look lovely, so that a grandmother's party can be planned in time for a make-up master class. A joint make-up application master class.

  • To play an exciting and sporty laser tag or laser paintball in one of the three .The hen party is an important event and needs to be spent in a fun and positive atmosphere. If you want to plan something sporty and adrenaline-fueling, laser tag will be a great activity for a hen party. During the game, you will have to complete thematic missions and specially selected tasks—there will be no boredom and the intrigue will last throughout the game.

  • Go horse riding

  • Have a leisurely picnic by the sea or in the woods, which can be combined with various question games.The picnic is great to combine with other activities planned. For example, a picnic by the water can be perfectly combined with a hen party on the beach. Picnic organizers can express themselves creatively with decorations, food choices, and even the venue. Ideas for a picnic for a hen party can also be related to a theme, such as a picnic in the French style. All of the ladies must dress in French attire, and the food and wine will be matched.

  • Getting new tattoos. If the bride likes tattoos and is happy to decorate her body with new artwork for special occasions, then perhaps a great pre-wedding gift for her would be to get another beautiful tattoo. A gift card for a tattoo will make this part of the day convenient and fast. And the bride will definitely be happy!

  • Jewelry making. Jewelry master classes will be a great start to a hen party, as all the ladies will be able to make matching accessories. Many ladies choose to make decorative crowns or wreaths from flowers, feathers, crystals, and other materials. The girls wear the crowns all day as a symbol of unity, and the bride can even choose to wear the crown on the wedding day.

The sooner you start planning an event, the more time you can devote to discussing ideas to choose what the bride will like best. Please note that in summer, especially on weekends, reservations at theme parks and elsewhere must be made in good time.

The hen party is a long-awaited event for the expectant wife, as it is an opportunity to meet all the girlfriends in a hurry every day, as well as get married and forget about pre-wedding stress for at least one day. Have a beautiful party for your bride!

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