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Best Toy for 6 Month Old - How to promote the development?

When the baby reaches the age of 6–7 months, new achievements appear: he is already convinced and can actively try to move forward with the coveted toy or some other object that has attracted his interest.

6-9 monthsThe baby begins to experiment more with things - to put on, put on, take out.

It is desirable to offer toys of different sizes, so that one can put the other - bowls, buckets, dishes of different sizes.

Balls can be offered at this age - bigger, smaller, soft, hard. Kids love to punch objects against each other to create sound.

During this time, it is important that the baby's playground, which is getting bigger, has obstacles - elevations that motivate the baby to rise, climb and step down. Igloo blocks, drawers, wooden boxes, etc. are useful for this purpose. If there are too many things, children tend to get confused and lose motivation to play with them.

How to promote the development of 6-9 month old children through play?

You can let a six-month-old child play with the pyramid. Of course, at this age he will not be able to build a pyramid, but he will be able to do so. Allow your baby to remove the pyramid rings, pull them back and allow the baby to disassemble the pyramid again. When a child takes off the pyramid rings, don't forget to comment on his actions, for example, “Robert removed one ring. Not all rings have been removed yet ... also comment on your actions when you put the pyramid back.

The moment your little explorer of the world tries to grab food by hand and wipes your fingers, realize that this is how your baby develops his fine motor skills. To develop it, you can give your child to play with an old piece of clothing that has "glue," a zipper, or some colorful applique that will interest the child. It will also be interesting for the child to get to know one of Dad's old shirts, in whose breast pocket you can hide a toy. For example, the smallest ring in the pyramid.

At this age, playing with secrets will also be a suitable toy for a child. Hide, for example, a baby's toy bunny, but so that any part of it remains visible. For the first time, the toy is hidden in front of the baby's eyes when he sees it. When the child has found the hidden property, praise him and hide the toy again. True, this time already when the baby does not see it, but still leaves some detail of the hidden toy visible. This will make complicated play a little easier. At the age of 7-8 months, the child becomes concerned with the question of what happens to things when they are not visible?

This toy will also help the child prepare to "run" the mother, as it will make you realize that the thing (like the mother) has not disappeared just because it is not visible for a while.

You can play with your baby, even hiding for a while. For example, behind a pillow. If the child fails to find you the first time, show up from the hideout and hide again after a while!

Where to find new toys?

When a child reaches the age of 6 months, the kitchen is often the most interesting place in the home. This is not only because my mother spends a lot of time preparing various delicacies, but also because the best and most interesting toys can be found here - pots, caps, spoons, bowls! You ask if these items can be played as well? Of course! As long as they are safe for the child, not sharp, not with small, dangerous details, kitchen items can become great toys!

Here's what you can use as toys:

  • plastic cups, spoons and other utensils (shows the child how to mix “porridge” in a saucepan with a spoon and feed it to mom);

  • wooden spoons of all sizes (they will be great as musical instruments for drumming with them, for example, on pots);

  • small pots and lids;

  • plastic bottles - the child will find interesting not only empty bottles, but also those that you have filled, for example, peas or beans, which will make interesting sounds when you shake the bottle;

  • plastic containers for food storage with lids - you can show the child how to put different items in the dishes, remove them again, etc .;

  • different cloths, towels (different fabric textures will perfectly develop the fine motor skills of the little player);

  • various disposable cups, dishes - from them you can build towers, build houses.

The main task of parents when giving a child a toy is not to try to "load" them with different things, hoping that this will give them more free time and the child will play longer, because he has a lot of things. No! Offers the child two toys at the same time. When they get tired of him, serve others instead.

Create a favorable environment for crawling!

In order for a child to develop fully, it is important to provide an environment suitable for development. The main precondition for a child's development at this age is to allow the child to move! A baby who spends all day in his crib or in the so-called arena is not provided with the full conditions to learn to crawl. The best place for a child at this age is on the floor!

What games can you play when your child has started to crawl?

Relay race Lay a couple of toys on the floor at a short distance from each other. Bring them to the child's attention so that he can run after them. Once your child has mastered crawling skills, you can also make a tunnel. For example, from a box. Roll the ball through the tunnel so that the child crawls after it.

At this age, it is very important to not forget to communicate with your child. The baby at this age is waiting for his father to actively cooperate and communicate with him. For example, if a child throws a toy and smiles, he waits for you to pick it up and present it to him. If a child throws a toy again while smiling, it does not mean that he is testing your patience. No, he just wants to play and invites you to become his playmate.

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