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Birthday Ideas for 30th - Themes, Invitations and Decors

The 30th birthday celebration is usually regarded as one of the most significant events in a young person's life, ranking with graduation, first-time home purchases, and the birth of a child.

It's time to toast the end of your wild, rum-and-coke-fueled adolescence. An opportunity to usher in a new era of (fingers crossed) adulthood, saving for a house deposit, and successfully navigating your way home after a night out without a Big Mac in hand.

'It's a major milestone, and milestones only occur once in a few years,' says Marc Ahmed, director of Scarlet Events, a leading UK events firm. 'Sweet sixteenth, eighteenth, twenty-first, and thirty-first. It's about delicacy and elegance when most people age and desire something refined rather than showy.'

As a result, we decided it was about time we gave you your own 30th birthday ideas and instructions on how to have the best party ever.

Here's everything you need to know about ringing in your dirty thirties in style, from when to book the venue and what food to serve to how to make sustainability a primary focus of your decorations.


Choose a 30th birthday party theme to kick off your celebrations before you start organizing. Because your 30th birthday is your biggest since your 21st, party planning can be a little daunting. However, you've gone a long way since your 21st birthday, and with the correct birthday party theme, you can easily face your 30th. Themes and ideas for a memorable 30th birthday celebration can be found below.

1. Throw a throwback party to the 1980 or 1990

Give your party a retro feel by choosing a decade from the past. To make this party a success, go all out with the theme and urge people to dress in 80s or 90s attire. Flashback parties are all about the music, in addition to the themed costumes. You should concentrate on creating an atmosphere that mirrors your best moments from the chosen decade, which includes compiling a fantastic playlist of memorable songs from that era. Try out this concept at home or consider hiring out a space at a club or pub.

2. Birthday Party with a Parisian Theme

If you decide to hold a Paris-themed birthday party, the Eiffel Tower is only a short distance away. This theme incorporates Eiffel tower images throughout your décor, as well as an Eiffel tower birthday cake and typical French dishes. To make your guests feel like they're at a quaint Paris café, create signage and menus that include French phrases like "Bon appétit" or "Mangez bien!" You could even host a travel-themed party, with Paris as one of your favorite destinations along the road.

3.Casino Party

With a casino birthday party, you can recreate Las Vegas on your own terms. Cocktails, gambling games, and a casino-inspired color palette characterize this enjoyable theme. Serve sweets like fancy spade or heart cookies and casino chip cookies to create a red, black, and white color scheme for your party. With garlands made of playing cards and centerpieces made of dice, you can hone your DIY talents. Alternately, you can go with a gold color scheme and throw a more opulent casino party.

4.Birthday Party in Pretty Pink

Celebrate your 30th birthday with a Pretty in Pink theme, complete with pink decorations and goodies. This gives you plenty of opportunities to include pink in your birthday cake, decorations, and invitations. Pink lemonade, a pink candy bar, pink cocktails, and gold touches are all popular 'Pretty in Pink' ideas. Hire a manicurist to set up a station for pink manicures at your 30th birthday celebration to give it a salon feel.

5.Return to the X Party

This party transports the honoree and all of their guests to the year of their birth. Include a lot of food, décor, and entertainment from the birthday person's year of birth. For someone born in the 1980s, this might contain an 80s Pop soundtrack, an old-school boombox, arcade games, and a lot of vivid colors.

6.Affair In Black And White

For your 30th birthday celebration, throw an elegant black and white extravaganza. This is a sophisticated motif that necessitates the use of black and white clothing. Sending black and white party invites will set the tone for your visitors. Remember that this will most likely be an evening celebration, so emphasis on imaginative lighting, tablescapes, attractive seating, and black and white desserts when preparing your party. You can also set up a photo booth to take black-and-white images that will later be turned into a treasured photo book.

7.Birthday Party with a Twist

Have you ever wanted to dress up like a runway model but couldn't find the right opportunity? If that's the case, now's your chance. For your 30th birthday bash, go all out and create an amazing couture birthday party. This theme is defined by a humorous dress code that encourages guests to test their fashion boundaries. This theme can be combined with a black and white wedding, as well as purchasing a photo-worthy cake that looks like a shoe, outfit, or handbag.

8.Pajama Bash

A fun pajama party for grownups will keep things comfortable. If you don't want to have a formal cocktail party this time, have attendees dress down and wear their favorite pajamas to your 30th birthday celebration. You may set up a unique snack bar, provide personalized drinkware, and use a projector to show classic movies. You may even spice things up by awarding a prize to the guest who wears the finest pajamas.

Send out invitations to your 30th birthday party

Once you've chosen a theme for the party, it's time to get ready to create an invitation.

Who's invited to the party? Guests are especially interested in knowing if they can bring a date or other family members. Parents want to know if a children's party is a drop-off event or if they must attend as well.

Date and time. The event's time and date should be prominently displayed. Include the day of the week, and make sure everything is written in a straightforward manner that your visitors will comprehend. If the party will end at a specific time, make sure to provide that information as well.

Location. If it's a house party, include the address; if it's a work party, include the building/room number. You could also wish to provide a map if it's relevant. However, with so many people using online maps and smartphone navigation apps, this is purely a personal preference.

Food and beverages are available. You should let potential guests know what you'll be offering and what, if anything, they should bring. Even if the word "potluck" appears on the invitation, it's best to be explicit (for example, "bring a dish to share").

Wording Instructions

1. Captivate their interest. A excellent invitation should elicit excitement and leave a lasting impression on those who receive it. This can be accomplished through slick design or creative phrasing. You can be more playful with the invitation if the celebration is more casual.

2. Make sure your words are in sync with the images. The words should, ideally, match the design of the invitation. If you're throwing a Halloween party, for example, you could put the words "I'm thirsty – let's have a drink!" next to a vampire image.


You can focus on decorations after you've decided on a theme and invitation. The number 30 should be prominently displayed at 30th birthday parties, coupled with cute birthday sayings. Create personalized canvas prints that fit the color scheme of your party and display them near your bar or gift table. To create the ideal lounging space for guests, personalize attractive throw pillows with your initials or the number "30." 30th birthday celebrations are known for being wild, and your decor should reflect your personality.

Instead of a carload of balloons, opt for a giant "30" gold balloon set when it comes to traditional birthday décor. These adorable balloons not only look amazing, but they're also affordable and ideal for use as a backdrop. To encourage guests to commemorate their wonderful time, set up a photo booth with balloons and a table full of decorations. Swap out your banners for elegant garlands to add a splash of color to your walls and tablescapes.

You can also create a "wish wall" where guests can post birthday wishes and advise about approaching your 30s. Finally, for a spectacular celebration, use your champagne glasses to adorn them with glitter, initials, and the number "30."

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