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Birthday Party Ideas for 40th years old men

Many choose not to celebrate this birthday party because of superstition. But let's throw the bias aside and get ready for the party.

Being 40 years old entails being a mature adult with life experience, so why not mark the occasion in a unique way? Today, I'd like to suggest that you have a look at some 40th birthday party ideas for guys, and I'm confident that you'll be inspired!

1. Make a plan

You definitely have wishes you want to fulfill at your birthday party. If you make a plan in advance and stick to it, it will help you achieve everything you want. The plan should definitely include the overall budget of the party, as well as the approximate cost of planning the party.

2. Party Place selection

Choosing a party place is also important for a party to succeed. Think about whether it is worth renting a fine guest house and paying a lot of money for it. It is possible that your party can be held at home or with some close friends. It will be much cheaper and more convenient than being in a brand new and foreign place. Of course, if your number of guests will be relatively large, then you definitely need to look for as large a room as possible to have enough space for everyone.

3. Include various activities

In order for the party to be interesting and the guests not to get bored, you definitely need to think about activities. At birthday parties, many people prefer a variety of games. The games are an ideal activity as they allow guests to get together as well as give the party fun.

4. Make a guest list

It is no secret that each guest of the event pays a certain amount. If you do not want to overdo it, then carefully compile a list of guests. Invite to your birthday only those people who are close to you and who you really want to see next to you on this day. Do not invite someone just for duty, as it may slightly spoil both your mood and the atmosphere of the party.

5. Uniform style for party guests

The theme of the parties can be quite different - from simple to complex and especially thoughtful. It all depends on your abilities and wishes. The simplest of the options is to ask guests to come with the same accessories, for example, all guests must come to the party with hats or glasses. Guests can also be asked to come to the party in a certain color. So that neither you nor your guests have to wander through the shops for hours looking for clothes or accessories, as well as not to spend extra resources, think of a uniform style that does not require special effort, one that each guest can already have in the wardrobe.

6. Do not overdo it with decorations.

Of course, carefully decorated rooms give a more special atmosphere to the party, but additional costs must be taken into account. Think about whether you need to decorate the premises at all. If your guests have arrived in a unified style, it will already give a "string" to the party and the decorations will not be necessary at all. However, if you want to decorate the premises a little, do not overdo it. Make the decors yourself and choose inexpensive materials.

Décor for a Party

Determine your preferred party theme or style: Choose a theme such as Las Vegas, rustic, moustache, beer party, or any other and decorate accordingly. Make a 40-shaped picture collage using your favorite guitar and other items. Set up a cigar and bourbon bar, or a beer bar with beer appetizers. Actually, the décor for a male party doesn't have to be complex or extravagant - all you need is to feel at ease and have a good time!

Party WALL ideas

  • Number 40 created by pictures

Find your best photos since childhood. you can create a number 40 from these pictures. Guests will be interested to see how you have changed during these 40 years, as well as it will be a great decor for your birthday party.

  • Hanging frame with the words "40 reasons we love You"

This will be the first task for the guests. for each write 1-2 reasons why they love you.

For this task it is necessary to prepare sticky notes.

  • Cake table and balloon decor


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