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Gifts For a Kindergartener Who Have Everything

It just seems that there are children who have "everything" and they cannot be surprised in any way. But it wouldn't be - no child can have "all the toys"! Here are toy ideas that will delight kindergarten babies.

When choosing a toy, it is important to think about the age of the child - will such property be suitable for the particular child and will not be dangerous in the interests of the small? Remember that there are many toys that are only recommended for children from the age of 3, otherwise there is a risk of choking.

Tips for choosing and using toys:

  • Choose toys that allow children to act on their own, to discover something; so-called developmental toys (puzzles, dolls, dishes, cars, blocks-the choice of things is so wide!);

  • This initially shows the child how to handle the item. Perhaps a small child does not think at first that pyramid dishes can be placed in a tower or used as food utensils for their pups.

  • To make the child want to play, change the toys available to him every two weeks-put some of them in boxes and put them on a high shelf and change them on a rotating basis;

  • Don't think of things as girls' and boys' belongings-boys will also enjoy working in the play kitchen, but girls will enjoy playing with a big car or tractor;

  • Playing with the child will delight the little one as well as allow parents to get to know their offspring better and what is important and relevant to them.

Wooden set for learning math

An educational math set will be suitable for taking the first steps in learning math. The set has pictures of animals and numbers on one side and chalk on the other.

Our recommended Kit is designed to assist youngsters in consolidating what they have learned in school. With LCD Board, Reversible Wooden Arithmetic Ruler, Number Blocks, Colourful Multipurpose Batons, and Unique Puffy Number Stickers, this is a fun way to learn and play.

Wooden fruit set

Wood is a pleasant material to play with, and the colorful fruit attracts attention and encourages creativity. The set includes a kitchen board, knife and fruit (apple, pear, grapes, strawberry, pineapple, watermelon, lemon, orange, banana, kiwi, pita, pomegranate, papaya).

Our recommended kitchen toy is created with a wooden box that can be simply stored and carried outside, helping to keep the house clean and instilling in youngsters the habit of tidying up their toys. It's a fantastic play food set to give to babies for their birthdays, holidays, or any other event.

3D puzzle ball

Such a gift will be binding for those who like to solve various tasks. The ball can be disassembled and put together like a puzzle in different ways.

Cash register with shopping cart

To imitate what adults do on a daily basis, children are thrilled. The cash register kit is a great way to learn to count and make it easier for your child to understand buying and selling.

Plasticine set

Plasticine, combined with molds and houses, gives children the opportunity to work creatively and fantasize - to knead and cook, and then to treat family members with fun food.

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