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Gifts for Aquarius Men and Women | Gifts and Presents for All

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

Aquarius celebrates birthdays from January 20 to February 18. Aquarius is an air sign. People born in the sign of Aquarius live as if they are out of time, doing the things of earthly life only when necessary. Aquarius is a sign of free thought, so the scientific and technical spheres become their favorite occupation.

A few words about Aquarius

Aquarius is not uninterested in anything new and renewed, unique and unpredictable. Aquarius people are always ahead of the curve and at the forefront of events. They are given more than others, the ability to predict and live for the future. Aquarius' strange soul may appear cold to people of other signs, but the abundance of their ideas is absolutely unbelievable.

Aquarius is the future's man. He is unpredictable and unique. He frequently does not understand himself, so if you do not live next to him, you will have a difficult time guessing what gift he would appreciate the most. But it makes no difference! Aquarius will be overjoyed because he is so inquisitive.

Aquarius' gift must be unusual.

Aquarius can appreciate anything new, unusual, funny, strange, or extraordinary. This gift should be unexpected so that Aquarius isn't aware of what you're planning to give him; otherwise, all of his vivid emotions will be spent in advance!

Turn off logical thinking when selecting a gift for Aquarius; it will not help you. The main criterion for selecting a gift should be to be amazed and delighted: "Wow!" If something evokes such feelings in you, it is a sure candidate for the Aquarius gift.

Never ask Aquarius what he wants.

Unpredictability is his way of life, so don't ruin his vacation! Listen to Aquarius' words even if everyone around him is a joke if he unexpectedly learns what he wants to receive. Aquarius has erratic desires, so he's most likely serious.

Suggestions for finding a suitable gift for those born under the sign of Aquarius


A small, comfortable adventure is an excellent gift for Aquarius. A trip to a tropical island, riverboat tickets, a yacht trip on the sea or a lake, scuba diving, underwater photography, a party with friends, a walk to the premiere, an exotic massage, a visit to the Breakout Room, an invitation to participate in a mind game.

An Aquarius can undoubtedly be given intangible and impractical gifts that will awaken his strong imagination, such as naming a star or, at the very least, an orchid in his honor, or presenting a huge bundle of balloons or a box with live butterflies. Aquarius, as an air sign, will enjoy a glider flight or a hot air balloon flight in which you can imagine yourself as an airplane pilot, unless your gifted Aquarius has a fear of heights. It is best not to take any risks if you are unsure.

A unique present.

An original gift to Aquarius can cost pennies, but he or she will also appreciate a mundane (furniture, computer) but expensive gift. Aquarius is a thinker who enjoys learning new things. A good gift for him would be scientifically popular literature that broadens his already limitless horizons, an esoteric or astrological textbook, or a subscription to a good magazine. Aquarius will appreciate exoticism and exclusivity as a gift, whether it is a souvenir from a distant land or the work of a designer.

If the Aquarius you have to give away is not very close to you and well known, choose something original, definitely not mass-produced, good coffee or tea, expensive, originally packaged sweets, home-baked bread, health products will always come in handy.

Flowers or plants that are unique

Aquarius feels like a fish in water when it comes to flowers! If your donated bouquet is visible piece by piece or surprises with incredible design, you won't overdo it. Only a bouquet that lasts a short time will suffice for Aquarius' extravagant nature. If your gifted Aquarius has a garden, he will appreciate more water lilies in the pool, a perennial ornamental plant, or an exotic plant that will be almost or entirely all around him.

Technology from the future

Aquarius adores the most incredible and futuristic technical innovations. This is the nicest way to surprise him. What matters here is not only practicality, but the very fact that he owns the subject 'from the future'.

Give him a vacuum cleaner, a robot, an e-book, or any other interesting technological souvenir (such as a mini-robot for reading crumbs from the table), and he will be overjoyed. Aquarius will appreciate the most recent smartphone, camera, clock-pedometer, 3D printer, or pocket projector model. Housewives will be drawn to exotic-style blenders, food processors, and juicers.

At the same time, it should be noted that Aquarius is still concerned with functionality and usefulness, so avoid useless gadgets.

Luxury items or accessories

Classic jewelry Aquarius feels too boring. He appreciates decorative jewelry (with ornaments, ethnic motifs), as well as exoticism (Indian bracelet - souvenir) or design exclusivity.

Natural materials such as leather, semi-precious stones, wood, and feathers are preferred in jewelry. Don't pass up the opportunity to give Aquarius a handcrafted piece of jewelry with practical value, such as a brooch-reflector, a necklace-watch, a bracelet-pedometer, and so on. A glamorous, visible pair of earrings, a heavy necklace, or a fine chain with a small pearl teardrop will appeal to an Aquarius woman. As practical and useful gifts, a fine, light, but incredibly spacious handbag, a leather wallet, or a wallet for bank cards will be appreciated.

If you are thinking of giving a perfume, then Aquarius might like the aromas that are mysterious and reflect the mystery of his soul. Aquarius enjoys both sweet and bitter aromas, but they must be light, uncontrollable, and out of the ordinary—sage, cucumber, nutmeg, hyacinth, freesia, essential rose, bergamot, lavender, eucalyptus, citrus.

Items for the home

Aquarius' nature is too vast to be realized. You can please him by giving him things he wants rather than things he doesn't have. Despite the fact that he already has a hundred cups, if you are the most creative, it will be his favorite cup.

Natural bedding, white tablecloths, and soft, fluffy towels will appeal to Aquarius. If you're going to give someone a T-shirt, make it one with a futuristic inscription or drawing. If you give a knitted sweater, it must be done by hand with the best yarn.

Souvenirs and unique trinkets

Aquarius may find standard souvenirs too impersonal. Even if you're only giving a small trifle, make sure it has an idea, a raisin, and a "soul." Aquarius prefers natural materials with esoteric or symbolic significance.

It is preferable if you are aware of what Aquarius collects—with such a souvenir, you will always be able to surprise and delight him. It could be the ideal present for a friend born under the sign of Aquarius.

What not to give to Aquarius

Aquarius is so unpredictable that he can rejoice in very strange gifts, but he can also be dissatisfied with a gift he has always wanted to buy for himself.

Don't give Aquarius money—it will fade so quickly that there will be no memory left. Then a better gift card for an Aquarius-related hobby, designed with a special wish.

Aquarius will be disappointed with an everyday box of candies or simple cut flowers. Also, it is better not to give houseplants, especially cacti.

Huge objects in a pompous style, such as a painting, a bust, or a vase, are alien to Aquarius nature. He has his own, more subtle views of "luxury" and taste.

Aquarius has a peculiar sense of humor. He adores fun, but at the same time, he likes to be in control. Therefore, he will most likely not be able to appreciate the gift of joking.

What is the proper way to wrap and present a gift?

Don't overlook the importance of packaging! Get down to business and use all of your imagination to design the gift to the best of your ability.

The packaging isn't as important to Aquarius as the fact that you put thought, ingenuity, and time into the selection and presentation of his gift, because it's important for Aquarius to be appreciated, and this is one way to show it. Aquarius will be very disappointed if you simply grab the first thing that catches your eye and present it.

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