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Gifts for Business Partners: A Weapon for Success

Giving and receiving gifts causes smiles and good emotions, so why not introduce them in a professional environment? Gifts can also be given to colleagues, employees, bosses, and partners. The most important thing is to choose a gift that is appropriate and appropriate for the situation. It must be remembered that a business gift is like a weapon: if handled properly, it will hit the target, but careless action can destroy future opportunities.

To make sure there's no mistake, we've put together some valuable tips for gifting your business partners in this article.

How to choose a business gift that suits the situation?

An inappropriate business gift can have an unpleasant outcome. If the gift is of little value, the business partner may consider it an insult, but if the gift is too valuable, it is an attempt to influence the decision or the outcome of the meeting. Read about how to choose the most appropriate gifts for the business environment and how to present them properly.

  • Choose a business or universal gift

In the business environment, it is important to choose gifts that will create the right impression—to say thank you for the work done or for future cooperation. The risk is quite high, so the best gift is universal. Gift cards are a great option since they can be both personal and business. In any case, the business partner is given a gift card with the opportunity to choose the specific product or service.

The best choice is universal gift cards, which offer a wide range of choices.

You can give larger gifts in the following cases:

  • thanks for the successful cooperation;

  • congratulating the cooperation partner on the anniversary;

  • congratulating the company on its anniversary.

  • Take the opportunity to add your company logo to the gift.

Gifts with a company logo will not give the impression of "buying". Even if the cooperation does not take place, the other party will have your company's pen, mug, or some other gift with your logo. This means that you have the opportunity to promote your company even if there is no cooperation. If you give a gift as a thank you for successful cooperation or congratulate a well-known partner on a holiday, you have a slightly wider choice. After cooperation, the recipient of the gift is unlikely to consider the gift an attempt to influence opinion.

  • Maintains professionalism during cooperation

However, even if you have met your partner during the cooperation, do not value your relationship as a friendship and are not sure about it. It is better to give family gifts outside the work environment. When giving a business gift, you represent the company, so choose and give the gift as one entrepreneur to another.

  • Contact information is added to the gift

When giving business gifts, don't forget to add a card and your own or the company's business card. In this way, you will show your competence and knowledge in business etiquette, as well as create a positive atmosphere for future communication. If you choose a gift card as a gift, then it is a particularly convenient way to tastefully add information about your company.

Differences in gift-giving traditions in other countries are taken into account.

If your partners are representatives of foreign companies, the donation customs of the respective country are taken into account.

For example, in Malaysia and Paraguay, any gift in the business environment will be considered an attempt to bribe, so to avoid such negative situations, give gifts only if you have known your business partner for a long time. In contrast, Japan, Indonesia, and the Philippines have a deep tradition of giving gifts in the business environment. Time is devoted to this process, and special methods of giving and receiving gifts have even been developed.

Countries where the business environment accepts gifts:

  • Czech Republic, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Bolivia, Costa Rica, China, Japan, Taiwan, Indonesia, Korea, Philippines, Thailand, Colombia.

Countries where the business environment does not accept gifts:

  • Australia, France, Great Britain, Hungary, Italy, Denmark, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, USA.

In other countries, gifts are given based on the situation. However, when cooperating with foreign countries, we definitely recommend clarifying the information about the tradition of giving gifts in the business environment.

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