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Gifts for Two Year Olds - How to Choose Toys?

Updated: Feb 15, 2022

At the age of two or three, the baby experiences an intensive period of development. He learns to speak, actively explores the world around him, develops his acting skills, and the child learns to perform more complex tasks. Therefore, at this age, toys should be chosen based on how useful they will be in learning new skills.

Toys for speech development

Between 2 and 3 years old, the child learns to speak and form short, simple sentences.

His vocabulary is about 500 words. The child is able to name his or her name, knows his or her gender and age, and is able to distinguish shapes and colors. The following will be useful for developing these skills:

  • Cards with pictures of objects and animals and their names.

  • Books with sound effects and puzzles that can be solved with mom and dad.

  • Simple first alphabet with large, prominent letters.

  • Blocks and drawings on the wall in large letters and clear drawings.

  • Thematic and letter magnets that can be attached to a metallic surface.

Toys for the development of logical thinking

The following toys will encourage logical thinking, concentration and action:

  • Sets of figures to be arranged in a certain order

  • Puzzles

  • Mosaics

Memory and attention training games

  • Memo game: cards in which you have to find the matching pair by memory.

  • The tasks in which the excess or missing part must be found.

Toys for improving small and large motor skills

It will be useful toys that need to coordinate hand and purchase movements while playing:

  • Bead or button opening set (Caution! Toys with small objects must be supervised by an adult so that the child does not swallow, choke or poke small parts).

  • Toys that need to be tied with string or inserted into holes.

  • Plastiline and mass to be formed.

Toys for developing imagination and fantasy

  • Drawing accessories, finger paints, pencils, crayons, etc.

  • Drawing album and coloring books.

  • Materials and molds to be formed.

  • Blocks that help to gain an understanding of space and form.

  • Constructors suitable for age.

Toys for active games

This is the age when a child is very active. He learns climbing, running and climbing skills. Get to know your body's abilities, improve your sense of coordination and balance, learn to be agile and resilient. Therefore:

  • Ball (balls of different sizes).

  • Pins.

  • Swing.

Role playing toys

One of the most important activities for children is role-playing. They stimulate imagination, creativity, teamwork and communication skills. Therefore, there must be toys on the shelf with which you can play different professions. For instance:

  • Cars, toy tool kits constructors.

  • Kitchen accessories, dolls, doctor's play equipment, household accessories.

  • Various dolls.

  • Clothes suitable for role-playing games.

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