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Good Friday 2022 - Good Friday meaning and traditions

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

Good Friday, also known as Holy Friday or the Day of the Cross, is associated with the day of Jesus' death for Christians. It mentions the crucifixion of Jesus with fasting and prayer. There are processions in some parts of the world depicting the procession of Jesus' cross to Calvary. In commemoration of the crucifixion and death of Jesus, altars are covered in many churches. Black and purple are used to symbolize suffering, sorrow, death, and destruction, but the usual rituals of the church are much quieter, and no sacrament is served.

On this day, the altars are covered in the churches, the usual rituals are more silent, and candles are often blown to symbolize the living Christ. They are re-ignited on Easter night by the Easter fire.

Believers come and kiss the cross on their feet in honor of the Savior's death and suffering. This is followed by the separation and procession of Holy Communion on the altar of Christ's tomb. On this day, all mankind will sink into sorrow and sorrow at the death of Christ on the cross. Many cities have outdoor cross-country procession processions.

Good Friday is the day of Christ's death and, at the same time, the day of atonement for mankind. The Church today reads the gospel of Christ's condemnation and prays for all who believe and do not believe.

In the Roman Catholic Church, Good Friday is the only day of the year when priests do not celebrate Holy Mass, and believers fast on this day.

Good Friday is the strictest day to follow all the laws and customs, even for those who are unbelievers.

This day is celebrated all over the world as a religious day. You need to be calm and in a good mood today. This is the day when Jesus was crucified. Those people who do not follow and do not follow Christian customs are even trying to keep up with everything on Good Friday.

The predominant color on this day is purple because it is considered the color of suffering. For Christians, this day begins early in the morning when the first customs are to begin. Good Friday must be spent in peace and quiet, because it was on Friday that Jesus experienced his suffering.

How do Orthodox people spend their day?

It is very good to go to church in the morning. If work is not disturbed, two hours a day should be devoted to prayer. Of course, in the evening there must be a crowd who commemorates Jesus and his works.

Most people don't go to the ban. How do they spend the day?

We must live today with the idea that Jesus suffered to save us all.

Is it true that nothing heavy should be done today, including homework?

Yes, that's right! It is advisable to spend today in a peaceful environment with close people who are important to you. This is a day when you can rest and relax from work. Of course, if you have to go to work, then go. When you get home, light a candle and recite the prayer in silence.

Cooking Easter Food?

Usually all this is done on a Monday, but also on a Friday. Cooking Easter food is not a difficulty. Although it would be easier to buy a supermarket in the supermarket. They are now available everywhere and better to buy than to pray.

The main thing to do today is to go into your soul and spend this day without argument with your loved ones about Jesus.

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