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How to Choose BOOKS for kids by age?

It's no secret that books are especially important for children. Engaged in exciting stories, they not only develop future reading skills, but also begin to explore the world and learn many new things. However, choosing the most suitable jobs for them can be quite difficult; it is important to take into account both their reading skills and their age. This is almost the most important aspect: we have prepared tips for you to help you choose the most suitable books for the period.

Babies under 4 years of age

It is very likely that at this age you will read books for babies yourself, and only later will they start combining the first letters. When choosing the most suitable books, consider the following tips:

  • The smaller ones are especially attracted to brightly colored images with simple objects. Don't avoid publications that don't have specific stories; such books further stimulate and encourage you to create your own stories.

  • As children begin to better understand the environment, it is worth paying attention to books that introduce sounds. It is also worth trying such publications, which will allow children to press a button or open a card themselves; such interactivity will enchant practically every child.

  • In this century, preference should be given to simple (or even better, poetic) stories. Expected stories or repetitive phrases will help your child feel as if he is reading with you.

  • The most popular themes are animals, feelings, colors, numbers, shapes, and letters. Choose books that describe the feelings your children already know.

  • Choose larger, easy-to-use books with rounded edges and thick pages that little ones can easily flip through.

Kindergarten and preschool children

At this age, the unruly little ones begin to understand the world around them even better, so they become even more curious. Properly chosen works will pique their interest; follow these guidelines:

  • The texts may be a little more complicated, but the books should still be dominated by illustrations, good rhythm, and effective word repetition.

  • It is worth noting that poetry books are fun to read aloud; the babies of the most liked lines will be able to learn them by heart.

  • Children of this age love stories that reflect real-life conditions: stories about going to kindergarten or playing games with friends. True, the heroes themselves don't have to be human-it just makes the story even more interesting.

  • The storyline must be fast enough to be read only once. Use time-tested fairy tales; they can be a great ritual before bed.

  • Books that help you develop your imagination and teach you how to solve problems creatively are preferable.Children may enjoy works that introduce the alphabet and developmental books. Animals, vehicles, dinosaurs-during this period, your offspring care about everything.

Primary school students

If your baby can't read yet, chances are he'll be able to do it in first grade. When choosing the most suitable work for him, consider the following nuances:

  • For children who are still helping you read, books that contain pictures will work best. However, you can be safer by choosing a stronger storyline to learn from.

  • For children to read independently, they should choose books in which they will find a lot of everyday words. It is recommended to include more complex words around third grade, which will become a kind of challenge for the offspring. However, in this case, it is very important to assess the child's individual abilities.

  • Many informative and educational books have been published for pre-school students. They satisfy the curiosity of babies and simply explain even very complicated things. Try different topics and see which one fascinates your offspring the most.

Children as young as nine years old

Your offspring is slowly approaching adolescence, so choosing an interesting book for him will not be so easy. You should rely on these tips:

  • Consider the child's personality. He should know well enough which topics he is most interested in-you can find out from the lessons at school. He may be interested in natural phenomena, animals, or maybe just interesting facts. Either way, you'll be able to find the right option.

  • Ask the child what they think. Not every offspring will want to browse the encyclopedia, and that doesn't mean you have to. You can also explore the world with works of fiction—never make a mistake if you let your children choose for themselves.

  • Look for inspirational stories. By identifying with the main characters, children can not only get to know the world, but also develop their personalities. Pay attention to the descriptions in the books and think about what skills the children still need to learn. It is also worth offering literature to young people who read well and mature quickly. Find out which of the best books for teens are currently being rated the most.

It will be easy to find books suitable for children by following all these tips. However, it is very important to pay attention not only to the child's age, but also to the course of development.

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