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How to Choose Perfume Online?

Everything is simple, when your favorite fragrance has been tested for some time and only the first eye-catching perfume bottle goes to your home. But if you suddenly want to avoid monotony and choose something new and different, or if it is a gift for a loved one, how to find what you need?

The choice of perfume seems to be the job of the nose, but how not to get lost in the true abundance of aromas? And is it really what you smell in the store when you come home, still smells and will look attractive? We recommend that you do not worry about your lovely nose, wandering the scent in the sea or choosing a perfume according to your horoscope sign, but pay attention to the most important rules and a little everyday information in the description of the perfume, as well as think about the purpose and use of the new fragrance.

Let us remember the legendary phrase by Coco Chanel, that the scent introduces a woman when she enters and reminds her when she leaves, so it is especially important for what purpose we are looking for a new fragrance - every day, work or holiday, but maybe the new fragrance needed for leisure or vacation? If you add a little fantasy, then you can also understand - whether the described aroma will be suitable for your image or another person's image, age, temperament, environment.

Perfume intensity

These are PP, EDP, EDT, and EDC. These abbreviations indicate the strength of the perfume concentration (i.e., the percentage of aromatic substances). But, of course, it tells us about the intensity of the aroma and its ability to remain on the skin for a while.

PP perfume (Pure Parfum): This type of perfume contains 15–40% aromatic compounds.Their scents will be especially bright and intense, so they will be more suitable for the evening or for special occasions or for people who like saturated scents. PP-type perfumes last the longest on the skin for about 6 hours. Depending on the type, the traces of such aromas on clothes can last for a couple of weeks, so be careful and don't make a choice!

EDP perfume (Eau de Parfum) is a perfume water with a slightly lower concentration of aromatic compounds—10-20%. Perfumed water is recommended when you want a fuller, more intense scent, such as in the evening or during the cold season. This scent also stays on the skin for quite a long time—on average, 3-5 hours.

EDT perfume (Eau de Toilette) is an eau de toilette that contains 5-15% of aromatic compounds. Eau de toilette is good to use during the day, in warm weather, or for people who like fresher aromas. The smell of toilet water can be felt for 2-4 hours.

EDC perfume (Eau de Cologne) is "cologne water" or, as we have called it, "cologne." It contains the least aromatic compounds (2-5%). Cologne spreads a light and fresh scent, most often citrus, and lasts on the skin for up to 2 hours.

What are the notes in the aroma?

When considering how to choose a perfume, aroma notes are one of the main aspects of choice. The combination of aromas is represented as a pyramid, which consists of upper, middle, and basic notes. Each plays different roles in a general context:

  • When spraying perfume, the top notes of the scent are first felt. Although they are felt the shortest (usually from minutes to half an hour), they give the first-lasting impression of your scent. This fragrance is typically light citrus, herb, bergamot, cedar, lavender, gardenia, cinnamon, or cloves.

  • The upper notes gradually shift to the middle notes, which are more intense and slightly heavier. These notes do not change for almost a few hours. Their extraction uses the aromas of lavender, rose, jasmine, clove, or canola.

  • The base of the perfume pyramid consists of slowly spreading notes of the aroma that last the longest on the skin. The base notes seem to capture the aroma and slow down the rapid spread of the upper and middle aroma notes. These are amber, musk, sandalwood, and vanilla.

IMPORTANT! Don't confuse - when choosing a perfume, pay attention not to the basic notes, but to the middle notes, because •• they are the core of the perfume.

Fragrance classification

There may be many classifications of fragrances, given the predominant aroma notes, but unfortunately there is no uniform classification. Of course, the division of perfumes into groups according to the predominant scents (eg citrus, floral, cypress, oriental, wood, etc.) helps to orientate in the world of perfumes, but it is even more interesting to add perfumes, psychological ideas - what kind of personality or image of perfume may be suitable.

Floral fragrances (rose, jasmine, lavender) have been popular since ancient times. These aromas are playful and mysterious, they are like an outbreak of optimism and love, which reveals a charming charm, encourages spontaneity, provides fun and freedom, promises adventure. These perfumes are designed for fun, carefree and elegant romantics. By the way, these fragrances have no age limit, they are suitable for both younger and older people.

  • for women

One of the top perfumes that women love from flower scents is Dolce & Gabbana L’Imperatrice. It combines exotic fruits with sensual flowers to create a juicy, delicious feminine scent, as bright and attractive as ever. The sweetness and delicacy of its fruity-floral notes form a striking contrast with the strength of the L’Imperatrice muse, highlighting her irresistible confidence and force of character.

  • for men

Our recommended Armani Code by Giorgio Armani is an elegant and sophisticated fragrance with an oriental touch. The composition, which is deep and strong, is revealed with notes of sparkling lemon and a delicate scent of olive flowers. Tobacco, wood and tonka beans provide the basis for this aroma. Armani Codeir fragrance for an elegant and charming man.

Oriental aromas are associated with deep sensuality, even mystery, so they should be chosen by self-confident, courageous, restrained personalities who are committed to provoking and fulfilling their most secret desires. Oriental scents combine expensive floral, musk and warm wood aromas.

  • for women

Trussardi Donna perfume has been recognized as one of the best by women.

The enveloping beauty of Trussardi Donna's brilliant white bottle with golden embellishments serves as inspiration. This fragrance will transport your senses from purity to desire. The lively notes of yuzu, slightly unripe citron, and the freshness of water fruit provide delicious hints on the first inhalation. Light touches of white flowers, the cheerful nature of orange blossoms, the refinement of jasmine tea, and subtle water lily round out the middle notes. With its rich woody tones, the base notes engulf the nose. Trussardi Donna lifts the curtain on a sensuous scent that is impossible to resist.

  • for men

One of top Carolina Herrera 212 Sexy Man embodies the strength and dignity of men, but his elegance is accentuated with shades of purple and purple. His mystery, deep and seductive sight attracts and mesmerizes, denying free will without being able to distract the view. He is confident and knows all kinds of seduction perfectly. He is young and attractive, modern and active, and of course sexual. Very sexual. 212 Sexy Men fragrance is the epitome of New York style and sensuality. The notes of fresh bergamot and mandarin tell about his dynamism and energy, vanilla - about his generosity, cardamom convinces you of what is in front of you - a bright personality who easily manages to combine individuality with simplicity, creating an always relevant and classic style. Oriental aroma of trees.

Refreshing citrus and fruit aromas will be suitable for lovers of an active lifestyle, independent, youthful, kind and energetic optimists.

Refreshing citrus and fruit flavors for women

The scent of wood is usually chosen by self-confident, independent, caring and at the same time brave, provocative personalities. Such scents give a feeling of harmony, freedom, joy of life.

To make the decision even easier, you should also consider the following criteria:


Due to the fact that unisex perfumes for both sexes are rapidly gaining popularity in the search for a standard option, it is useful to take note of what one or the other fragrance is actually intended for. Find out what the most popular women's perfumes and top men's perfumes are; you can find the most suitable ones from these lists.


When choosing a perfume, you also have to think about the season. In dry, cold weather, the aroma is not as intense as in wet and warm weather, because in the heat, all body processes are accelerated and the natural scent of the skin is strengthened. So in winter, richer, warmer aromas are suitable; in summer, they are fresh and light. Most manufacturers usually create a lighter scent for summer, which is dominated by the same fresh and refreshing notes as the scent of the winter season. Suitable for light water or sea-themed scents.

Design of a perfume bottle

You have probably noticed that one or another perfume bottle attracts your attention because of its shape, color, lines or some other detail. It is no coincidence that the perfume bottle is what it is—to discover the idea of perfume, its creators chose the design of the bottle, thinking about every detail. So a lot of useful information can be "deduced" from it.

Usually, classic, luxurious aromas are filled into tightly shaped, finely decorated perfume bottles. Meanwhile, the unconventional and luxurious design testifies to expressive, bold, perhaps even extravagant scents. The design of the light, youthful perfume bottle stands out with its brightness, colors, and laconic shape.

Time of day

We have already found that the intensity of the scents and the message they send are different, so it is obvious that the same scent will not be suitable for both everyday and special occasions. Decide what time of day you will use them most often.

How many different scents should there be?

They are certainly not alone. Just as there are no suitable shoes, clothes, or handbags for every occasion, the smells must be different at work, at leisure, in sports, and on special occasions.

A classic, restrained, neutral, rather than spicy, aroma will be suitable for work in the office-in other words, lighter aromas that would not irritate colleagues.

Sports and leisure also require inconspicuous and refreshing aromas such as light florals, fruit, medicinal, water or fresh aromas.

A rich and solemn aroma is necessary for a festive event-bright and deep, even a little exciting. It is especially ideal if it is made of luxurious flowers or seductive oriental aromas. However, it is important to keep in mind one of the basic rules: the more solemn or extravagant your dress or suit is, the more restrained the scent around you. Conversely, restrained clothing should be complemented by a bright aroma.

Are you going on a date? Choose a gentle, light and clean aroma. If you want to add passion, closeness, and seduction, use the "hot" scent of musk and sandalwood.

After reading all this information, you will find the right perfume for you. Although you will have to think about several nuances, it will provide you with an accessory that will perfectly match your overall image.

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