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How to make a Bachelorette Party special

A bachelorette party is one of the most important events in a bride's life, so the organizer has a lot of responsibility. Whether this is your first or tenth bachelorette party, this list of party ideas is sure to inspire you. The most important thing is to organize the bridal party of your dreams, which will be remembered with a smile for a lifetime. In this article, you will find valuable tips for organizing a bachelorette party, as well as inspiring ideas.

As a general rules listen to the wishes of the bride.It's her day and it should go according to her wishes. Every bride must have told her girlfriend about her dream bachelorette party. Make her dreams come true.

Before you jump into the ideas, we have collected some valuable tips that should be taken into account at any hen party to make it special:

1.Take great photos. Since a bachelorette party is one of the most important events in a bride's life, it's important to capture the sights in pictures and maybe even video. So that you don't have to worry about it yourself, a good option is to hire a professional photographer. You could definitely also create a photo wall that is beautifully decorated with suitable decorations.

2.Create gift sets. It is also good to create gift sets to give out to the bride, her bridesmaids, and her parents after the party. You will find specific ideas at the end of the article.

3.Prepare cool activities Whatever the final party plan is, it's good to think about different activities. Maybe this is the first time meeting for several girlfriends of the bride, so getting to know each other would be useful. It can also be organized as a story-telling activity where each bridesmaid shares a fond memory with the bride.

4.Enter the theme of the party. To make the party even more interesting, create a special theme for it that everyone must follow. Based on this idea, we have also created some of the party ideas in the continuation of the article. A unified party theme definitely gives the whole event a much cooler feeling and more beautiful pictures.

5.Listen to the wishes of the bride. The most important condition is to listen to the wishes of the bride. She must have made some demands, what to accomplish or, on the contrary, what to avoid. It's her day, so it has to be perfect.

Some ideas on how to organize a bachelorette party:

Here are some bachelorette party ideas that will be suitable for both a wild party of girlfriends and a nice event for all the women in the family together.

1.Brunch or picnic together in nature

Nobody said that a bachelorette party has to be in the evening or at night. It can just as well be organized during the day or even in the morning, for example, by organizing a joint brunch. If the day is particularly beautiful and sunny, you can have a picnic in nature.

The main thing is to prepare various decorations, set the tables beautifully and take care of delicious food and drinks. Holiday mimosas, breakfast omelets, waffles, fruit salad and anything else you can think of. This could also be a great option to have after the hen party the next morning - a girls breakfast together before the wedding!

2.Party on a yacht or boat

A good way to spend time in the fresh air and all together is on a boat or yacht. A trip by boat will be more affordable, both in terms of price and size.

A yacht is a great option if the hen party is not too large. Then you can relax like queens, enjoy the wind in your hair with your closest friends, drink champagne, sunbathe and chat about everything your heart desires.


  • Dance floor on a boat;

  • Photo session on the yacht;

  • Boat as transport to the next location;

  • Picnic on the boat.

3.Wine tasting at the winery

Another idea for a bachelorette party is a joint wine tasting. There are two ways to organize such a party. The first idea is quite simple - choose the location of the party and ask each bridesmaid to bring her favorite bottle of wine with suitable treats. Then create special glasses for the bride and her bridesmaids. Then the wine tasting can also begin.

Another option is to go to a real winery and conduct the tasting there. Then you could also rent a winery, as well as someone who will teach you about different types of wine. We recommend leading the wine tasting with a sweet ending - leaving wines that go well with chocolate, etc., for the end. for desserts.

It is important in both cases to ensure that there is also a driver who can take the ladies home after the party.

4.Team games

A fun way to start a bachelorette party is with a little competitive game. You can divide into teams and organize different games with mysteries - looking for specific objects that need to be photographed, found, etc.

A good idea is to meet everyone together at a bar and start the game with a drink together. Then you can also go on an adventure.


  • Orientation game in the city center, in the yard of the event or in the countryside;

  • Breakout room or quest;

  • Tasks in the museum when you need to find specific exhibits;

  • Exiting the labyrinth.

  • All the pictures taken can then be put together and create a cool photo album for the bride to remember.

5.Retro hen party

Another great party idea is the Retro Party theme!

Think about what was popular when the bride was still in school. Based on her age now, wonder if it was a particularly different time when she was in high school, or maybe even elementary school.

Ideas for a retro party:

  • Retro movie night with goodies;

  • Retro disco with old songs;

  • Retro fashion show;

  • Photo evening with various pictures from the bride's school years, etc.

  • It can be a party from the early 2000s or, for example, the nineties. Fun guaranteed!

6.Summer party in a guest house by the water

If the party takes place in summer or warm spring, then it must be held in nature. This instantly gives you so many different party options and activities to enjoy. It is a good idea to rent a guest house in a beautiful location - it is best if it is near water, a lake or the sea.


  • A fantastic day relaxing by the water and sunbathing;

  • Bathing and going to the sauna;

  • Walking and visiting tourist attractions;

  • Souping, etc. water activities offered by the campsite;

  • Can also be combined with the aforementioned picnic in nature.

  • For ideas on where to find a good camping spot, look for the article Camping in Latvia, where to relax.

A real summer hen party!

6.Disco theme

When we think of a disco, the dance floor, disco balls and glitter immediately come to mind! Prepare the location and create a real disco.

Ideas for the party:

  • Rent a club and indulge in a party;

  • Organize your own party in a guest house;

  • Rent a party bus or boat.

  • To prepare for the guests, decorate the tables with confetti glitter. Serves 70s snacks like cheese fondue or canapés. When your guests arrive, get the party started with seventies-worthy hair and makeup. You can also hire a special beauty team to help the ladies get into character and dress up for the party!

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