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Lego Sets - Excellent for the Development

Updated: Apr 4, 2022

One of the most popular constructors known to many generations is LEGO, which is already used as a generic term to refer to constructors based on small cubes and other details. Of course, they are not the only constructors, the offer of manufacturers is really wide, constructors are available for children of different ages, in different topics.

The LEGO-type constructors are one of the children's favorite toys; they want to get them on their birthdays and find them under Christmas trees. And rightly so, because the constructor gives the child a lot of fun, opportunity, and develops many of his skills. Therefore, parents should encourage their children to play with this type of toy.

1.The child improves his or her fine motor skills.

Constructors are excellent for the development of children's fine motor skills. They learn to use their fingers to grasp small parts and connect and disconnect them. Working with constructors will benefit the child's development by promoting the development and strengthening of other skills and abilities, as the development of fine motor skills is closely related to the development of intelligence and the formation of speech.

2.Creative thinking is stimulated.

The constructor can be assembled not only according to the scheme provided by the manufacturer. The many details and their wide range of possibilities allow the child to express his creative thinking and imagination without restriction, creating the situations, images and shapes he wants. The child is not afraid to fantasize, to create himself, to disassemble again, to try again, to correct his performance. It is a safe area for creative experiments that will give you confidence later in other environments and situations.

3.A sense of space develops.

When working with constructors, the child thinks not only in the plane, but also in the room. His constructions can be high, wide, with elaborate details. It is a great process in which the child feels space, learns to create and appreciate spatial objects. Later, such skills help to better master many subjects, as he already has clear basic principles.

4.The child develops logical thinking

Playing with constructors also successfully develops logical thinking, because it is necessary to be able to act according to a larger plan and vision, to create an object step by step, to understand causality, for example, why this block falls off in one place, but is able to hold on to another.

5.The child is involved in various topics and role-plays

At the moment, designers are available in a very wide selection in stores, there are different topics for both boys and girls. With their help, children can play a variety of situations, take on different roles, as well as develop social awareness, have the opportunity to try different professions, such as police, firefighter, artist, athlete, etc.


Starting with a themed set that fits a child's existing interests, whether it's dinosaurs, kittens, or their favorite movie, is a good idea for Lego newcomers. A themed kit will give instructions and structure for youngsters to accomplish a project, making it easier for them to get started with Lego construction and providing them the gratification of doing something they already enjoy. Even children who dislike following instructions will be captivated to minifigures and accessories featuring their favorite characters or animals.

  • LEGO Disney Frozen

The Lego Disney Frozen 2 is a sequel to the first Lego Disney Frozen. Elsa's Jewelry Box Creation allows youngsters to create a working jewelry box with an open and close drawer. The package also includes a tutorial on how to construct using gears, helping youngsters through the creation of turntables that spin miniatures of Elsa and the Nokk, a horse-shaped water sprite. While the construction technique isn't particularly imaginative—you're creating a rectangle box. The drawer glides open effortlessly, and the purple and blue bricks, as well as ornamental diamonds and snowflakes, appear to be wonderful additions to any future construction efforts. This is a terrific alternative for a Frozen fan who enjoys making something only once.

  • Mega Bloks PAW Patrol Marshall's City Fire Rescue

Marshall's City Fire Rescue, based on PAW Patrol: The Movie, will be a hit with your young one. Marshall and Zuma are poseable, and there are 33 small construction blocks in this collection, including unique parts. Marshall's fire vehicle, which comes with a launcher, lights, and a moving ladder, as well as Zuma's hovercraft, may be built by your little builder. They may set the scenario by starting a home fire and sending the puppies to the rescue to utilize the fire truck's launcher to put out the flames.

Ages 3 and above are ideal for Junior Builders.

  • LEGO Creator Mighty Dinosaurs

It's easy to understand why the Lego Creator 3-in-1 Mighty Dinosaurs kit, which includes instructions for constructing a pterodactyl, triceratops, or T. rex with its 174 mostly green Lego bricks, is a favorite—it includes directions for making a pterodactyl, triceratops, or T. rex. It also has unique components like as fangs, horns, and claws. Any of the three dinos will be manageable for kids who like a simple, quick craft. Triceratops, unlike a pop culture-based set, never go out of vogue.

  • LEGO Minions

Minions fans will go crazy for this LEGO construction toy for youngsters. First, they can construct a colorful, brick-built replica of Kevin and Stuart. Then kids can flip the models around to show the room playset within, which includes tools, headgear, and weapons, as well as role-playing figures. Kids can make two toy Minion models at a time, then reassemble Kevin to become Bob. The unique decorations within the chambers will delight young Minion enthusiasts. Each one is based on a distinct Minion's personality, and they all have moving eyes. Kids may join Kevin in the lab to make inventions or watch Stuart slumber in his room. Kevin transforms into Bob, a kung fu master.

Ages 8 and up!

  • Marvel Lego: Spider-Man to the rescue

If your youngster enjoys playing with action figures, the Lego Marvel Spider-Man Bike Rescue kit can be a good option. The kit instructs you to construct a 5-inch motorbike with moving wheels and a cannon that fires small plastic spiders when a button is pressed. It also includes three Spider-Man minifigures that can ride the motorbike and interact with the tiny power generator that may be built (which we felt was underwhelming in size).

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