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Meaning of Roses by Color and Number

Roses may be the customary Valentine's Day gift, but they are appreciated every day of the year. Be careful while purchasing flowers and consider the color's message before doing so. Both men and women claim to like receiving flowers and floral-themed presents. Keep in mind color talks! Although it is widely accepted that all roses represent warmth and compassion, the recipient may be aware of the significance of the rose's hues and the symbolic message it conveys. It would be good to know that you are conveying the proper message to that specific individual with whom you share a special language.

The meaning of a rose's hue might undoubtedly differ from what you had in mind. Follow the advice below to make sure your loved one (or friend) knows what the flowers you are bringing them imply and there are no misunderstood gestures.

  • Orange symbolizes fervor, passion, and attraction.

  • Lavender: the flower of true love

  • Coral: a yearning

  • Pale Peach - humble

  • Peach signifies gratitude, concluding a transaction, getting together, and honesty.

  • Red and yellow represent cheery and pleasant emotions.

  • Together, the colors red and white stand for togetherness.

  • Yellow with a Red Tip signifies friendship and love

  • Yellow signifies happiness, joy, friendship, enjoyment, the possibility of a fresh start, welcome back, remember me, and resentment.

  • Light Pink is associated with appreciation, sympathy, gentleness, grace, happiness, joy, and sweetness.

  • Dark Pink: Gratitude, admiration, and thank you

  • Pink - appreciation, thank-you, grace, perfect happiness, admiration, gentleness, please believe me

  • White (Bridal) - happy love

  • White - purity, innocence, silence, secrecy, reverence, humility, youthfulness, I am worthy of you, Heavenly

  • Deep Burgundy - unconscious beauty

  • Red (single) - I love you

  • Red Dark - unconscious beauty

  • Red - love, beauty, courage and respect, romantic love, congratulations, I love you, job well done, sincere love, respect, courage and passion

  • Single in any Color - simplicity, gratitude

  • Red Rosebud - symbolic of purity and loveliness

  • White Rosebud - symbolic of girlhood

  • Thornless Rose - love at first sight

There is also significance and meaning to the number of roses you send which is

interesting also to note.

1 Rose - Love at first sight!

2 Roses - Mutual feelings

3 Roses - I Love You!

7 Roses - I'm infatuated with you

9 Roses - Together as long as we live

10 Roses - You're Perfect!

11 Roses - You're my treasured one

12 Roses - Be my steady

13 Roses - Forever friends

15 Roses - I'm really sorry

20 Roses - I'm sincere towards


21 Roses - I'm committed to you

36 Roses - I'll remember our romantic moments

40 Roses - My love is genuine

99 Roses - I'll love you till the day I die

100 Roses - I'm totally devoted to you

101 Roses - You're my one and only

Rose talk is the language and trend setting is the game. It does not matter

whether you are shy, trying to convey a subtle message or shouting it from the

stems, saying it with a rose sends a special message.

Nothing says it better than a rose when it comes to these "body language" blossoms, which are the most well-liked of all cut flowers. Every month, roses are delivered as a token of "beauty ever fresh," regardless of their color, quantity, or state of development. Even if the receiver of your rose is unfamiliar with the color or number of shades, one message is loud and clear.

Someone who delivers flowers is romantic and is making a very particular statement!

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