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Sports Games for Team Building: 6 Exciting Relays

What is a team?

"Teams are any kind of multi-person group with common goals. Teams can be formed in both professional and everyday formats, because, for example, a family can be a team, but regardless, each team needs to come together.

How are teams formed?

In the process of formation, each team goes through the stages of formation, normalization, and arguing until it reaches the stage of functional activity. When team members are formed, common goals are formed during normalization, leaders emerge in the dispute phase, and the operating principles necessary for successful operation are determined. If a team member leaves the team or a new one joins, the team starts forming again.

What does "team building" mean?

Compared to, for example, doing tasks together using games to unite team members, giving people the opportunity to have fun together and get to know each other in a relaxed and relaxed atmosphere. Team building is also an inclusive activity for children. Playing different games to get together improves communication in teams, increases productivity, motivation, and increases the opportunity to learn unprecedented signs of leadership. Participants need to work together to solve problems and make decisions that allow them to generate new ideas, foster creativity, and build team confidence. In order to promote team cohesion, it is possible to play sports games and organize relays, which will be a common task for the team to deal with in order to defeat their conditional opponents. The competition and the spirit of the competition unite the team more because there is a specific goal: to win. These can be outdoor or indoor games.

Of course, there is also team rest at the bar and joint darts. However, while darting is an exciting discipline, activities that require the entire team to participate will help highlight each participant's strengths, thus improving the way the team functions on a daily basis. If you are planning a sports game soon, the ideas listed below could be very useful for you when organizing games for parties or competitions for different teams, as well as the relays below are suitable activities for children.

6 exciting relays for team building

  • Human knot

This game can be played as a relay, forcing players to compete, for example, in separate divisions, or by uniting all team members. It is most convenient if eight to twenty people take part in the game at the same time. Initially, players need to be in a circle. All participants must raise their right hand and meet someone on the opposite side of the circle. Once you have joined hands, find another participant to join with your left hand. This means that each participant will join hands with two different people who are not next to him, creating a human node. Once the unit is created, your task is to try to untie it by maneuvering, bending, and possibly climbing over the team members, but without releasing your hands at any time. The relay ends when the first team, still holding hands, forms a circle.

  • Hot potatoes

You can use this relay if you organize outdoor sports games. Each team will need a ball, which means that if a match takes place, for example, between three teams, you will need three basketballs, volleyballs, or soccer balls. The teams must stand in a circle and pass the ball. The passes you will most likely use will depend on which balls are used. Each successful pass means that all participants take a step back, so the circle will become bigger and it will be harder to make successful passes. Give the teams, for example, 2 minutes, and when the time is up, the team with the biggest lap wins.

  • Bolf

Another outdoor activity is "bolf". This relay will combine several sports games. You will need two large buckets or containers to be used for purposes. Place them about 5 meters away from each team. Each team will have access to all the balls available to you - golf, cricket, tennis, volleyball, basketball, soccer balls, etc.

At the beginning of the game, the first player has to choose one of the balls and throw it to hit the target. In the event of a failed throw, the player recovers the ball and passes it on to the next one. The first team to throw all the balls wins.

  • Balloon race

This game can be played both indoors and outdoors, but team members will have to split into pairs. Each team will need a balloon, but prepare several if the balloons burst during the relay, as well as, for example, a gymnastic ring or a bucket that will serve as a mark for all teams to cover the same distance. To start the relay, the first two team members must stand facing each other at the start line, and a balloon will be placed between their backs. When the start is given, the couple must go to the set goal and back, taking care that the balloon does not fall out and explode, then place the balloon between the backs of the next two team members. If the teams do not have the same number of participants, one participant will have to participate twice.

  • Give me a ring.

This relay will require gymnastic rings and an equal number of participants in each team. The team must stand in a circle and join hands. The first participant will be given a gymnastic ring. Once the relay has started without releasing your hands, participants must pass through the exercise ring and pass it on to the next one until the ring has traveled the full circle.

  • Relay cocktail

This relay is very simple. Each participant has to go from point A to point B and back until the whole team does. Of course, there is a hook-each participant has to do the distance differently-running, jumping, crawling, etc. Participants can give each other ideas for new movements, but each participant's movement must be different.

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