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Summer Party Food Ideas : 5 summer snack and meal ideas

In summer there are light meals, various snacks and soft drinks, which do not take long to prepare.

To spend more time in the fresh air, it is worth trying different recipes for the summer buffet. In summer, the theme of grilling and BBQ is popular, as is a variety of light desserts and refreshing drinks. Meanwhile, a hot roast with nachos, minced meat, cheese, and vegetables is a great snack for a small party or every day. Crispy chicken pieces can be prepared for summer cinema evenings. They will taste great with cakes, salads, or as a snack.

Nacho plate and tako

The Nacho plate is one of the options that can be served as both a snack and a light meal. Cornmeal, sunflower oil, and salt are the three main ingredients in fried corn products. Tacho boats, tacho baskets, tortilla chips, and nacho chips of various sizes and flavors are made from these ingredients, allowing a wide variety of snacks to be prepared.

The amount of tomatoes and good spices are important in the sauces

Taco sauce and salsa are excellent additions to snacks. Taco sauces are made with tomatoes, but they also include chili, onions, coriander, cumin, garlic, and coriander leaves. They taste slightly sour and have a sweet tomato, onion, and light chili flavor. The unique flavor of salsa is due to the high concentration of tomatoes and various types of chili peppers, including halapenjo. Sweet tomatoes are complemented by onions, garlic, and cumin, as well as a slight acidity and onion flavor.

Dip the sauces ready or bag yourself!

Tortilla chips and dip sauces are a very popular combination. You can use a ready-made dip sauce, or prepare it yourself with a special combination of spices. Chips and dip sauces can be both a snack between meals and a party snack.

Coconut milk ice cream and vanilla

In summer you can prepare a variety of soft drinks and desserts. For example, homeowners or guests can be surprised with homemade ice cream, such as coconut milk. Vanilla dishes as well as drinks will fit especially well in the summer menu. Vanilla is a very common and popular spice that can be used to make desserts and pastries. Vanilla is added to many cakes, cookies, puddings, chocolates, dairy drinks, liqueurs and desserts. Various traditional desserts, as well as Creme brule and Pannacotta, which have become popular in recent years, are unimaginable without the special flavors of vanilla.

Only by experimenting in the kitchen, trying new recipes and combinations of spices, it is possible to get more and more new flavors, with which you can originally diversify your daily and festive meal. Summer dishes can be given special names, which will also be an additional topic for interesting conversations. Children and young people will especially enjoy the corn chips in the bowl, but they can also be packed in a disposable bowl for each small guest, with everyone's name written on it. Summer-appropriate music and games will definitely improve the overall mood

A vegetable plate is the perfect solution to treat your guests to summer parties.

So what to do? Simply wash, clean and arrange the various vegetables on a plate. Fresh cucumbers cut into sticks, peppers cut into sticks, large tomatoes cut into slices or slices are most often placed on vegetable plates, or whole small tomatoes, chopped cauliflower and broccoli, peeled carrot sticks, radishes, etc. are used.

Let yourself imagine - put on a plate of vegetables that taste good to yourself and your guests, or are seasonal.

Very refreshing snack will be "watermelon ice cream"

Looks very comfortable. Cut a small hole in the peel of the watermelon and place a stick in it to make the result look like juicy watermelon ice cream.

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