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Table setting for dinner : How to set the table correctly?

When preparing for a holiday and welcoming guests home, we need to think not only about food - proper table setting is important for both the general atmosphere and the comfort of our guests. How to properly present a table for an anniversary, wedding or other major holiday, professionals have been learning for years, because beautifully serving a table is undoubtedly one of the most important skills that requires special knowledge of table setting etiquette. However, if you remember some important tips, you will easily be able to cope with this task.

Table setting rules

Whether you're organizing a party at home or celebrating indoors, there are some helpful tips to keep in mind.General tips:

  • A well-ironed tablecloth is placed on the festive table.

  • Wipes should be clean and well ironed.

  • The festive table setting is with a snow-white tablecloth and matching napkins.

  • For an informal holiday, beautiful colorful tablecloths and napkins are suitable - the main thing is that the table setting corresponds to the nature of the event.

  • Each guest should have a space of about 60 cm wide at the table.

  • If the table setting is made using a base plate, it is placed in the place provided for each occupant and the plates of the first dish and the second dish are placed on it in turn. The base plate is placed approximately 2 cm from the edge of the table. The folded napkin can be placed on a plate.

  • Put spices on the table - salt, pepper.

Layout of festive dishes:

  • Place the dishes in a straight line, moving them slightly away from the edge of the table. You start with a base plate, place a snack plate on top of it, and finally a soup plate. The base plate can be different from other dishes, it can have a decorative function.

  • Place a napkin on the base plate. The folded napkin can also be placed on the left side of the base plate - then the bread pan should be placed slightly higher.

  • Cake plates should be positioned so that their edges coincide with the edges of the table. Coffee cups with plates are placed diagonally from them. Dessert cutlery is placed in front of the cake plate parallel to the edge of the table.

  • All plates must be in a minimalist, elegant style. Avoid bright colors and massive decorations - they will obscure not only the taste of the dishes, but also the beauty.

Cutlery and their arrangement:

  • Do not place more than four dishes on the table at a time. Cutlery for fish dishes will vary, but don't be embarrassed. The order of use of the cutlery must be followed.

  • Place the cutlery next to the base plate in the following order: the forks to the left of the base plate, the knives to the right of it, the soup or broth spoon is on the far right side. How many of them you will use will depend on how many different dishes will be served during the meal. Meat dishes are eaten with the tool closest to the main plate, the middle - for fish, and the farthest - for snacks.

  • Place the knives on the right side of the base plate. The cutlery placed furthest from the plate is used for snacks, the middle one for fish, and the nearest one for the second dish. If you need to eat soup, the spoon should be on the right side.

  • For serving desserts, the cutlery should be placed behind the plate, towards the center of the table.

  • The forks should be turned to the right and the knife and spoon should be turned to the left.

  • Dessert spoons are specially designed for eating dessert with an oval instead of a round bowl. Its capacity is usually about twice that of a teaspoon.

  • Place the butter knife on the bread plate closer to the right edge.

Glasses layout:

  • The glasses are placed behind the base plate on the upper right side in the order in which they are used.

  • Drink glasses are most often transparent so that guests can admire their color. Traditionally, the glasses correspond to the drinks offered during the meal - the first on the right is a glass of liqueur, on the left is a glass of white wine, then the glass of red wine and the last on the left is a glass of champagne.

  • The placement and number of glasses can be changed, for example, by leaving glasses of wine and a glass of water on the table.

  • Coffee with milk is usually drunk from porcelain cups, and black tea - from smaller coffee cups.The glass of water is on the far right.

Buffet dinner

When organizing an outdoor wedding or simply planning a bigger holiday at home, it is often not possible to seat all the guests at one table. In these cases, the food is prepared and served as a buffet or buffet. The food is on the same table and the guests serve themselves, choosing the one they like best. This not only solves the issue of having a table for a large number of guests, but also eliminates the need to think about who will serve them food. There are several important aspects to consider when deciding on a buffet for your celebration: Each container must have cutlery and cutlery. For lunch, we usually choose smaller, compact tables, but the most important thing is to make sure that all the participants have enough seats. The main buffet table is usually covered with a tablecloth that extends to the ground. In this case, you can choose different colors and patterns. In addition, it is worth taking care of decorations such as flowers or candles. A table with dishes is usually placed in the center of the room, but if this is not possible, you can also place it on the wall. The dishes are usually placed on "several floors" to make it easier to pick up food. Professional events will be provided by professional waiters, whose job is to offer and supplement drinks.Definitely not forget the big holiday cake prepared for serving at the end of the evening!

The most popular table decorations

Festive table setting is an event that also suits non-traditional solutions and decor. Flowers are the most suitable for decorating a feast table, in addition, candles, fruits and decorative items can be used. A vegetable composition can be used to decorate the buffet table, which can be used for cooking the next day. True, it is important not to overdo it with decorating - table decorations should not interfere with access to dishes or otherwise interfere with guests to enjoy a meal.

The most common decorating ideas:


Even one blooming flower can perfectly decorate your table and give it a natural beauty. Flower arrangements should not prevent the occupants from seeing each other, and flowers with a strong aroma should be avoided when decorating the table.


A charming candle or candlestick will not take up much space on the table, but such an accent will give a special atmosphere to the overall atmosphere. Long candles give beautiful lighting from above, small, low candles, arranged in groups, create a mood light. Avoid candles with a strong smell - the aroma they emit will compete with the smell of the food served. Of course, care must be taken to keep the candles at a safe distance from the guests.


Folding napkins in various shapes is a long tradition of serving a table. Classic folding napkins give the table a particularly solemn overall look. The artistically folded napkin can be placed on a bread plate, above the forks or on a regular plate.

The table is set! Before arriving, guests must check that everything is in place, the dishes and cutlery on hand, and the backs of the chairs are in one line. Although at first it seems that the preparation for the party is a very difficult task, after several successful parties, it will all seem worth the energy and excitement. The people you meet, the food that has delighted so many, and the good reviews about the hospitality and the course of the holiday will inspire you to hold a party in the future.

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