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The Most Popular Toys for Children Under 3 years of Age

Our young children can never have too many toys. Even when we feel that the shelves are already breaking from new purchases, children would love to add some more fun games to their collection. If you want to please children with such a purchase, you must first take into account their age. This time we will discuss the most popular toys for children under 3 years of age. Among these options, you will find many ideas that children will enjoy!

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Toys for children under 1 year of age

  • Developmental mats

These developing toys will not only become a luxurious decoration in the baby's room, but will also help them get to know the world around them. Children will learn to focus, develop awareness skills, and simply have a pleasant and comfortable time on the floor, so these developing toys will become an interesting daily companion for newborns.

  • Wooden toys

Although in the age of smart technology, this option seems strange in the list of the most popular toys, do not rush to deny it. In many respects, wooden developmental toys are far ahead of modern products. They are much more natural, softer, and safer—all of these qualities are very important for babies who are still discovering the world of play.

  • Rattles and chew toys

These are fairly standard and inexpensive toys that are sure to delight your children. Plus, you won't have to worry if your baby decides to try his or her toy-that's what it's designed for!

  • Interactive talking toys

Such puppies, robots or various other characters can sing, talk or make different sounds that babies will want to repeat. Many of them are recorded in Latvian, so gradually the offspring will be able to learn to speak.

  • Walkers

This is a very useful toy for children who are taking their first steps. Toys can also be called multifunctional walkers, which also emit different sounds and help the offspring to learn different shapes and colors.

Toys for children under 2 years of age

  • Puzzles

Although the puzzles are considered suitable only for older children due to their relatively small size, the latest toys are also suitable for younger children. Such toys are simple (often made of wood), but comfortable and developmental enough. You'll be able to see for yourself soon!

  • Push machines

Such toys will definitely affect children from the age of 1 (especially boys) and at the same time develop their movement skills. If girls are indifferent to such an activity, replace it with a play kitchen: the first culinary masterpieces can appear at this age!

  • LEGO DUPLO construction equipment

The blocks in this series are adapted to children's small hands, so such developing toys for children from the age of 1 will be one of the most suitable solutions. Not to mention the usefulness of LEGO - everyone is well aware that these toys make a significant contribution to the development of creative and social skills.

  • Pools with balls

It would be hard to find a little one who would not have fun and worrying to "swim" in such a pool! Although it will need a little more space, due to the charming design, you will be able to place the ball pool in any room - then you will be able to watch your baby's endless fun.

  • Bath toys

Although such toys are available for younger offspring, you will find even more options that will be suitable for two-year-olds. Such toys can make a variety of sounds, and they have the most unexpected shapes and very bright colors, so bathing your baby will definitely not be fast.

Toys for children under 3 years of age

  • Branded toys

Quite often, it happens that developing toys for children under 2 years of age must not only be interesting but also recognizable, so well-known brands are starting to dominate the wish lists. Toys for boys from "Bruder", toys for girls from "My Little Pony" or "Paw Patrol" attribute-these are just a few variants. If you don't want to make a mistake, you should find out which characters your baby likes the most.

  • Drawing boards

Although it may seem different, the whiteboard is a very versatile toy that develops children's imagination and motor skills. Later, you will be able to use it to write the first numbers and letters; such home lessons will be much more interesting!

  • Educational toys

Children from the age of 2 may already be interested in not only drawing boards, but also other creative or educational kits. Pay attention to their complexity, taking into account the baby's age and interests, and you will find many noteworthy opportunities.

  • Musical toys

If you have noticed that your baby has a penchant for stage and music, start developing your new talent now. Then gaming tools that are not too complicated will be great. It is possible that interesting toys will be the beginning of your child's career, but at the beginning limit yourself to fun home concerts.

  • Interactive friends

Such interactive pets can do much more than just toys for babies. They respond to our actions by asking for food or attention, so little ones can feel as if they really have a new friend. It can be a dog, a cat, an unicorn or any other creature - the creators of such toys do not lack creativity.

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