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Toys and Games for car seat - No More Boring Trips

One of the most popular and, of course, the most economical ways to travel for families with children is short-and long-distance car trips. There are families who spend their holidays visiting Latvia, but there is also no shortage of those who bravely go on further trips around Europe.

However, one of the first questions that will upset parents is How to employ children while they are in the car?

By planning a further car trip in advance, we can prepare a variety of activities for children during the trip, which will reduce stress for parents and children will be busy enough to moan about boredom, reducing and avoiding and the very popular children's question - do we still have to travel far and long?

Of course, the most popular way to employ children today is to put a cartoon or game on your phone or tablet, but how valuable and developing is it for a child?

So, we have prepared suggestions for you to make the trip exciting for you all

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If the child is young and not yet talking then the toys will be relevant.


Babies who still have only rattles will enjoy a toy attached to the car seat - an activity center that cries, grabs and makes sounds. You can also buy activity centers that can be attached to the front seat.


Books that allow the baby to use his little fingers will be a great helper on the long journey. Find books with accurate representations of objects, animals, and daily life that will allow your baby to make connections to the things they will encounter in the world, such as getting ready in the morning, going grocery shopping, taking their first plane ride, and visiting grandparents. Consider it as bringing the world to your child, and think about what kind of information you want to instill in their minds.


As for older children, we recommend buying a child's car tray, which will perform its functions both as a dining table and as a creative work table. It will be easy to complete pages of different tasks, paint, draw, or just play with toys. Once the child has played, you will also be able to conveniently place the tablet behind a special cover so that the child does not drop it or get dirty with food.


Prepare a harder surface to put paper on or buy a special surface, prepare pencils, crayons and markers, and allow your child to draw and paint on the go, which will develop his or her creative thinking and concentration - creating inner peace and excitement.


We recommend choosing activity books during the trip. It will be interesting for the child to work with different tasks. The key is to choose age-appropriate activity books so you don't have to get involved yourself. We recommend buying versatile books that can be used to paint, glue, and learn. As one of our top books is the Activity Kit Case, which has 60 pages of different tasks, with over 400 stickers that will keep your child busy long enough.

You should definitely pick up a game while traveling. Do you remember the old and good travel game where you had to call the different items and count how many you saw? It's an interesting game of driving through cities. It is now also available on cards, which makes the game even more exciting.

Delight and create emotions.

Prepare a surprise gift for the child on the long journey - indicating a specific place and time when it may be opened. There can be anything, small things inside that will make the child happy, occupy him for a short time and create positive feelings and emotions. Depending on the length of the route, you can prepare several surprise gifts, which will make the child wait patiently until a certain point or place when he can open it.

Find time and prepare for the planned trip with the children in time - it will make the journey easier for both you and your children. Create unforgettable adventures and emotions!

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