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Toys for 1 to 2 Year Olds - Developmental Toys

The age between one and two is a huge step in the child's development; the child begins to walk, talk, get to know and learn more about the world around him, but as a result, his playing skills expand intensively. If by the age of one, the child is playing more where his mother or dad puts him down, then after the anniversary, more and more movement games, games with role-playing elements, and activities involving little fingers are entering his games.

A child's play at this age can be divided into several large groups.

The first group would be

  • sitting games - those that the child does more on the spot, such as puzzles, books, plasticine, turning, various teasing.

Then there are undoubtedly

  • movement games that are possible everywhere and with anything, and from toys to toys we must definitely mention balls, machines, pull-in and push-in toys that you can get in and out of; and, of course, role-playing games - so there are dolls, soft items, brooms, dishes, all the things that are in the household around the child, as well as a whole range of games that mom or dad offers and plays for two - favorite games, counters , cuddling, cuddling, rubbing, rubbing, massages, shared bathing, etc.

Children are great watchers, but we, the parents, have a big influence on which games become the child's favorite games. When thinking about a child's development, it is important to offer him or her as many toys and games as possible so that he or she can develop in a variety of ways and acquire different skills and abilities.


- Pyramid. It develops not only the fingers but also the brain and improves verbal ability.

- Collapsible pictures or puzzles. The little fingers are difficult to hold, but they develop both dexterity and concentration.

- Folding toys

- Books

- Works of art

- Paper tearing


- Push and pull toys

- Balls

- Rocking horse


- Dolls.

Babies really like to imitate adult life, for example, riding a doll, singing, lying down, but not all year-old girls will play hard with dolls, because the real time for role-playing is later. And yet between the ages of one and two, usually the first doll enters the family. It is also very important to give dolls to boys, because we want them to grow up to be great fathers, don't we?

- Loves.

Every child really needs a soft toy to love, to complain about, and to feel safer with her when her mother is not around. If you like, don't let them sleep with them. But one will be especially cute. Then it should not be lost, because it is more than a toy. It replaces the mother and creates a sense of security and confidence - when the mother returns, everything will be fine again.

One of the basic rules of play is not to offer the little one too much at once, so that the child is not confused and able to concentrate on the particular toy. Offer your child things that are a little more complicated to promote his development, but do not expect the child to immediately cope with a difficult task and play alone for a long time. Get involved, help and allow the little one to act, praising him and appreciating every new achievement!

Good luck!

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